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Why was "Wisdom Beyond the Classroom" written?

Who was the book written for and what is it about?

Wisdom Beyond the Classroom was written to help your son or daughter (or student if you're an educator) grow leaps and bounds in personal development, with a growth mindset; that includes learning how to empower themselves with their thoughts, feelings, and actions, rid their limiting beliefs, have a positive relationship with failure, develop more confidence, inner peace, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence,

just to name a few.  

Wisdom Beyond the Classroom was written for middle & high school students. The perspectives of the book come from a wise teacher as well as his students and are filled with quotes by some of the wisest people to walk our planet. The stories, tools, & lessons are easy to learn and apply in one's own life. 


There are 2 questions at the end of every chapter that help the reader reflect on and write down what was learned and apply the information in his/her life.


Wisdom Beyond the Classroom is also a resource & communication tool for parents and teachers, and is an excellent choice for homeschooling and distance learning, especially during these uncertain times! 

What people are saying about the book...

Wish I'd read this when I was younger...full of insightful ideas about how to tame the craziness in your mind to live a healthier and happier life. We don't teach kids how to deal with their feelings and emotions and it's probably the most important skill in our lives. I hope this book reaches its target audience because the world will be a better place if it does. ~ Brad H.

My daughter NEVER sits down and reads...we have been catching her often the last couple days sitting with her phone off and Wisdom Beyond the Classroom in hand!!! ~ Rob H.

I highly encourage parents and educators to pick this up and read it with your children—work through the exercises together, expose them to these new ways of being and existing. This book is a necessary tool to lay the foundation for your children to approach learning and life in a way that will ultimately be more fulfilling and improve the world we all live in.

~ Carrie Y.

What an excellent book!

As a newly retired teacher, I appreciated the way the author reinforced the information using the students in dialogue with the teacher. It is an easy read, and a book that I will read again, and use as a reference and reminder in my own practices.

~ Donna P.

 I rarely write reviews on anything but this book was purposeful and something that I believe others will not only enjoy but will find helpful as we all try to find our purpose and meaning in life. I have already used the "3 Questions" and the refection on how we need to be taught how to pause, breath and appreciate. Time is precious and this book is worth the moments it takes to read and learn from its messages. 

~ Kristen M.

I’ve been reading Wisdom Beyond the Classroom with my kids and we are all really enjoying it. There is a lot of good information packed into the book and we’ve had some great conversations because of it. Love the characters, quotes, simple lessons, and chapter questions. I definitely recommend this book to parents and their kids.

~ Justin M.

About the Author


Ryan Lockee is an avid learner and meditator, with great interest in the fulfillment, health, and mindset of our youth. He believes that our minds are our greatest asset and that with the right guidance and knowledge, we have the ability to rid our limiting beliefs, tap into our unlimited potential and inner wisdom, and create the reality we choose.


Ryan is a world-traveler, former college & semi-pro baseball player, he's been a high school baseball coach, a 4th and 6th-grade teacher in San Francisco, California, and taught English in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up as the oldest of six kids in Omaha, Nebraska, and lives with his wife and two children in Petaluma, California.

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